About me

My name is
      Eleni Petropoulos

I’m a Master Theta Healing® practitioner and instructor based out of Toronto, Canada.

Trainings & Qualifications

  • Master Theta Healing® Practitioner & Instructor, THiNK, Bigfork – June 2018

  • Access Consciousness Bars, Vancouver – September 2017

  • Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), Vancouver – April 2014

  • Emotional Release Therapy, Miami – February 2017

  • Master in Counselling Psychology, Adler University, Vancouver – April 2012

  • Hon. Bachelor in Psychology, York University, Toronto – June 2008

A little more about me.

Hi and welcome! My name is Eleni Petropoulos, MCP, and I’m a Master Theta Healing® practitioner & instructor. I am passionate about helping my clients and students receive the uptmost support on their journey to well-being.

For more than a decade, I have worked with hundreds of clients on issues pertaining to substance abuse, depression, anxiety, PTSD, relationships, self-esteem, and physical illness. My clients describe my Theta Healing sessions as both ‘enlightening and dynamic’. My aim is to offer you the very best support with the utmost care and compassion so that you may feel uplifted, loved, and more aligned in your truth.

I invite you to work with me whether you want to change life patterns, train as a spiritual healer, or receive energetic healing work. My work takes me to some of the most beautiful places around the world and I am fortunate to be able to connect with you both over Skype and in-person.

I also hold a master’s degree in counselling psychology and specialized training in trauma therapy.

To contact me for more inquiries, please email info@elenihealing.com.

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