Do you want to get unstuck?

  • Are you feeling like you're sinking, not sure of what you want and struggling to move forward?

  • Have you been suffering with chronic illness and pain that's frustrating and exhausting?

  • Does it feel like your relationship keeps going through the same cycle over and over again, causing you burn out

  • Is money difficult to obtain or hold onto?

While most traditional therapies focus on our conscious mind, which only accounts for 5-10% of our thoughts, Theta Healing focuses on the thoughts and programs that are running in the subconscious, which is 90-95% of who we are. Make no mistake about it, your subconscious has recorded every aspect of your life and holds onto it for the purpose of your survival. However, it also holds limiting beliefs, traumatic memories, and negative programs in your mind and body. This makes it harder for you to move past your comfort zone and achieve greater heights of love, health, money, and happiness.  

I invite you to work with me whether you want to change life patterns, train as a spiritual healer, or receive energetic healing work. My work takes me to some of the most beautiful places around the world and I am fortunate to be able to connect with you both over Skype and in-person.

"We unconsciously re-live our past until we consciously heal it"

To create massive change, you need to go as deeply as possible into the subconscious, and see where these belief programs started. Many of these beliefs were created during your childhood (ages 0-7), from your genetics, other times and places, and your soul. Because reprogramming the subconscious belief programs is so effective and powerful, Theta Healing is becoming the fastest growing energy healing modality around the world.

The goal is to gain freedom from self-imposed limitations by identifying subconscious beliefs known hought patterns (shadow work), to expose what is consciously serving you and not serving you. Once you have healed, learned, and integrated, you will get unstuck from the suffering you have created allowing you to live more consciously in love, peace, and wholeness.

The responsibility of your life lies within you because deep in your subconscious, you have created your circumstances and outcomes based on the programs you are running. I invite you to think about what it is that’s truly important in your life, what you’re ready to let go of, and what meaningful change you want to experience from our working together.    

ThetaHealing is not a replacement for medical advice, however it does work in conjunction with traditional medicine and across all faiths to help improve your life.

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